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I am a


multi-disciplinary artist - enjoying performance, video art, photography, installation, and writing

omnivorous photographer - telling relationships through the lens

image maker - believing everything seen is an image in the contemporary context

art and cultural worker - residing in art galleries, museums, studios, and alternative spaces

Recent work - QUEERASIAN

  QUEERASIAN is an anthropological exploration of queerness, ethnicity, and diaspora amongst underrepresented Asian communities in Western society. The long-term project draws on my personal experience along with my peers' first-hand observations, gradually incorporating a broader base of subjectivity. The participants come from different parts of Asia: from East Asia and South East Asia to South Asia and Pan Asia. Through a series of environmental portraits, I aim to visualise the queerness of different social and political 'outsiders'. In this way, the project investigates the multifaceted experiences of the LGBTQ+ community belonging to the Asian diaspora, including those who do not conform to the norms of western culture. Raising the awareness that Asian identities can not only be shown because of their race or ethnicity but also because of their sexuality, the project hopes to provoke discussions and open dialogue about feeling boxed in whilst defying the norm.


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