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Aquarius Fax

 Do you want to know what goes on in the mind of an Aquarius? This is a 30-day limited project. I'll be uploading a page of A4 from the UK to Taiwan's ibon*

cloud drive every day for a month. Anyone who wants to read it can only find a 711 around the corner and print it out in as many copies as they like, in black and white or colour.

 The content varies, depending on what's going on in my head, what my eyes are seeing or what my body is feeling that day. I'll organize it (or maybe not) and upload it to the cloud, then put the day's print code on my Instagram story. The code has a 72 hour print time limit, so please take advantage of it.

 I don't know where this experiment will go in 30 days and what kind of life record you will have. Anyway, let's do it first.


 Day 1 23.2.2021

 *ibon is the machine installed in all 711 convenience stores in Taiwan. It offers a variety of services, including ticketing, bill payment and cloud printing. To use the cloud printing service, people must visit the convenience stores in person to operate the machine and print it out using the in-store printers.

 **To see the process please click here.


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