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i washed a river in the river - photobook

Accordion binding

10 x 13 x 2 cm 

Blue Back Matte Paper 


edition 10 (exclude AP x 1)

  I undertook a two-week houseboat residency on the Regent's Canal in London in April 2021. I rethought the relationship between the islands, the water, the body, and the self during the residency. It led to a series of works around the waters of the canal. In the process of 'i washed a river in the river', I stood at the canal's edge and pressed the shutter 36 times, capturing the moment in time and space with an entire roll of 135 negative film. The final image was a whole river of sparkling stars. The water used in the development of the negatives and the paper was collected from the same canal. For the final rinsing step, I took the film and paper back to the water, washed them in the wild water, and dried them by the canal. Over thirty slices of water and time were obtained. When lined up, they are restoration of the flow of water on a timeline. By assembling the images into a book, it becomes a physical stacking of time with layers and thickness. And as the readers flip through it, they also let the water flow through again. 

All books are vacuum packed.

The people who live in the boathouse have a special habit of keeping ingredients fresh. They put the food that requires cold storage in vacuum bags, seal them securely and then hang them in the river water to preserve them.

For full project details please see here

i washed a river in the river_Shou-An Chiang(high res).jpg


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