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  During the two weeks of quarantine just after returning to Taiwan, the local government sent me a healthcare package of epidemic prevention at my home. There was a handbook with lots of information and guidelines on the virus and epidemics, as well as links to various tutorials and entertainment sites that can be accessed at home via the internet. One of these was the live video from surveillance cameras placed at major tourist locations. In the name of 'sightseeing at home', the government is inviting the public to peep at the people. Why do I say peeping? As far as I know, the government has not informed local residents or visitors in any way that their images are being broadcast around the world 24 hours a day via the internet. Anyone with access to Youtube can see them.

  After the end of the quarantine, I started looking for these cameras. Once I had found it, I stood in front of the camera and turned on the live stream to see what I was being shown. Sometimes I saw people in chat rooms next to the screen leaving messages in other languages. Sometimes they left messages of confusion as they see me looking at them through the camera. I guess the peepers didn't think they would be caught.

  Then I found the camera that was installed in Daxi Old Street. It was aimed straight at the busiest street and selflessly shares the neighbourhood of vendors, shops, tourists and residents with the cyber world. And then I decided to send out an invitation to you sitting in front of the screen.

Please see me on 8 June 2020 at 17:30 Taipei time via this link:

I will know you are watching me.

截圖 2020-12-19 下午1.22.51.png

live-event performance

30 min


Daxi Old Street (Taiwan); Youtube

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