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 to effectively treat your spots

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  The hotkey S is one of the techniques I use most often in Photoshop. It stands for a stamping tool that conceals imperfections on the human skin in an efficient and natural way. I've always had a lot of acne on my back and for me it's like a health report from my body. Depending on the number of pimples and the degree of redness, it is somehow indicative of my health at that time both physically and mentally. And applying ointment to my back pimples with a mirror is one of my daily routines. In real life it is not possible to copy and paste the intact skin next to the pimple to cover it up like in PS. In real life I can only try to cure it.

截圖 2020-12-11 下午10.56.04.png

  Self-healing is a very intimate affair. It is a process of finding the location of your wounds and then treating them. I rubbed the ointment over and over again on the spots until my skin didn't have time to absorb it and the cream formed white streaks on my back one after the other. Like a dried-up archipelago, they painted the territories of scars. Towards the end of the show, my back began to burn due to the acidic ingredients in the gel. I did not stop, however, and continued to light a mass of white fire at my back. My treatment was to use up the entire tube of ointment.

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2 hr 30 min


KX_F304 (Central Saint Martins, London, UK)

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